Entreprenuer Journal Entry #9

I’m excited to complete the entrepreneur interview paper next week. I’ve already meet with an entrepreneur and I’ve started to write the paper. I learned a lot from this interview and have some good advice on what it takes to start a business. I’m glad I had that opportunity to meet with someone about starting […]

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #8: You Can Do Anything

In this week’s reading one theme I saw was “You Can Do Anything.” While this was the title of a video clip we watched, I also saw this idea in the short address given by Sister Holland.  One quote from here I love is, “The only limitations you have are those you set on yourselves.” […]

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #7

This week, one of the readings in class was “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  The habit which has the most meaning to me is habit #3: Put First Things First.  To me this habit is important because it talks about time management.  There is so much everyone has to […]

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #6

This week from the readings I learned more about how to start a business and the knowledge you need to be successful.  I especially loved the article, “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?” and the three areas of knowledge it talked about. While a business degree is not necessary to have a successful business […]

Entreprenuer Journal Entry #5

This week as I worked on my personal board of advisers it really made me think about who is important in my life, and who I admire.  This assignment was not the easiest for me in the beginning because I could only think of a couple people. This week we also learned about perseverance.  In […]

Enrtreprenuer Jounral Entry #4

T his week in class I finished reading the book “The Ministry of Business: How Correct Principles Magnify Business Success,” written by Steven A. Hitz with James W. Ritchie. Some of the principles in this book I heard before and it was good for me to review and remind myself of them. Some of the […]

Entrepreneur Journal #3

This week in class we learned about the importance of ethics and honesty.  I had the opportunity to write my own personal code of conduct.  I needed to list at least three “I will always…” phrases and at least “I will never…” phrases.   I knew I could write something easy such as “I will always […]

Entrepreneurship Jounral Entry #2

This is my second week in the entrepreneur class, and I love it.  There are things I have wanted to learn about for awhile, and I was not sure where to find the answers to my questions.  This class has answered many of them in only the first two weeks.  I hope as I continue […]

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #1: Entrepreneurs

I have only been in this entrepreneur class for less than a week, and I have already learned so much.  I love how each student is encouraged to keep a blog journal.  I know this is a wonderful way to reflect on what I learn during throughout the weeks.  I know it is something I […]