“Mastery” Book Report

Mastery is something sought by many people in many situations. It could be a musician learning to play Mozart on an instrument. It can be a chef trying to find the perfect combination of spices for a soup. It can be a husband and wife trying to work together to become wonderful parents. Mastery is […]

What Alice in Wonderland Taught Me About Goal Setting

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll is one of my favourite childhood stories. I loved the idea of a crazy world where nothing is quite as it seemed. I loved the Mad Hatter and Marche Hare’s tea party. I loved the idea of falling down a rabbit hole to find an adventure. I loved […]

What Cinderella Taught Me About Networking

Cinderella is one of the most well known and popular fairy tales.  It has been read for centuries and recreated through various plays, films, children’s stories, and books.  The tale is mesmorising and most likely will not disappear any time soon. What little girl does not dream of having a real fairy god-mother who gives […]

Why Best Friends Matter When You’re an Entrepreneur

Last week I watched a short video called “Lesson 1: Introduction of “Launching Leaders.”  The last part of the video was present by the co-founder of “Launching Leaders,” Jim Ritchie.  As he gave an overview of his program he brief described a few “best friends” These “best friends” included business and discipline books such as […]